Are You A 'Snooze Button' Fan?

One among our visitors sent in a request... "how do you get-up early each day without hitting the snooze button?"

I chuckled when scanning this request because I will quickly relate to this problem. I confess I also am a 'snooze button' fan! I thought I had developed a solution to this issue by placing my alarm clock over the area. Our reason was that once I was up, I wouldnot wish to get back to bed...WRONG! I jump-up, struck the snooze button and gleefully jump right-back directly into my wonderful comfortable bed. And, I'll take action more than once! I understand it's really a ridiculous practice. Oh, and by the way, my time is ready 15minutes in front of the real time in addition!

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I decided that when the audience and that I are both fighting this issue, then there are additional 'sleep option' junkies in our area.

We all realize that this is a practice and routines may be changed - IF we decide to take action. It will take 21 times to change a pattern. So just how do we take a habit from annoying, interfering, or awkward into actually creating a new behavior for ourselves? Right feel much better whenever you actually choose to alter and really do it?

Utilizing the belief that it will take 21 days to improve a habit, by understanding oneself, start:

-Why do you hit the rest option?

-Are you getting enough sleep? If not, then naturally, you will want to continue to sleep. Try to adjust your behavior and begin gradually by visiting sleep fifteen minutes earlier the initial week, half an hour the second and 1 hour the third week. Take your sleeping pattern to be developed by the entire 21 days.

  • perhaps you go to sleep at a reasonable time but don't sleep. In this case, try doing enjoyable activities before bed. You've probably found out about hearing great music, studying a book or having a shower. Basically, unwind with something enjoyable. Forget the eating, talking and training around the phone prior to going to bed. Most people become stimulated once they talk on the telephone.

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